This wiki is for documenting tinycc, small and very fast c compiler. Tinycc is a fork of tcc. The latter is not completely abandoned but is stalled since it lacks a maintainer. The former was created by a volunteer who wants tcc to progress but didn't want to become the official maintainer of the Savannah project.

This wiki is intended as a workspace for documenting the internals of the compiler. If you know something about tinycc, or if you're studying it and learning something, please share your knowledge here. The material here will, I hope, be used later to create formal documentation for the compiler.

This being a workspace, organization is not a high priority. Feel free to just do a brain dump wherever you like. See below for licensing information.

HACKING A first cut at a HACKING file for the installation.
Naming conventions
Data types used in tcc
Token Mgmt
Symbol Tables


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